Fit-out & Construction

East Coast Audio Visual (ECAV) is a trusted supplier for its partners. Fit-out and Construction Companies, Architects, Electrical Engineers and Contractors, and ICT Service Providers often call on ECAV to work under their umbrella to deliver highly specialized Audio Visual services for their end-clients.

This creates a strong Win / Win for both parties in that:

  • ECAV’s Specialized Knowledge improves Projects: Fit-out companies and Construction companies don’t have to stress, worry or hire internal staff to bring them up to date with the latest trends in AV. This can be outsourced to ECAV making projects simpler, impressing clients and accelerating the process.
  • ECAV becomes the Direct Supply Partner:  Fit-out & Construction & clients can choose to get ECAV to work with the end-client directly on their behalf. This gives the best of both worlds in the respect of being able to fairly add a “Project Management Loading” to ECAV’s fees to be paid by the end-user client and full confidence in knowing the AV is taken care of.
  • Maintenance, Upgrades and Post-Sales Service is covered: Once the project is complete and Fit-out /Construction partners move onto their next project – ECAV is there to give the Support, Service and Upgrades to end-clients to keep them happy, looked after and give generous reviews of their Fit-out / Construction experience. 

ECAV provides the Knowledge, Recommendations, Installation, Maintenance and Upgrades to make it all happen – on time and on budget. It’s a trust based relationship between both parties making it a sustainable Win / Win for both.

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