ICT Service Providers

Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Service Providers often have a range of specialist partners that work for them in helping them deliver the best possible solutions to their end-clients.

East Coast Audio Visual (ECAV) Business Processes, Thinking, Transparency and Trust Driven approach is perfectly compatible for ICT Service Providers with similar thinking. ECAV’s goal is to be the preferred supplier to make their projects as simple and as valuable as possible to their end-clients.

This can often create a strong Win / Win for both parties in that:

  • Specialized AV Knowledge improving Projects: ICT Service Providers have enough on their plate to manage their own suppliers, deliver what they promise and remain on-time and on-budget. By having ECAV as a Supply Partner, this removes that AV headache and makes it easier for everyone.
  • ECAV becomes the Direct Supply Partner: ICT Service Providers can get ECAV to work with the end-client directly on their behalf. This gives the best of both worlds in the respect of being able to fairly add a “Project Management Loading” to ECAV’s fees to be paid by the end-client, while not having to worry about this complex technological area.
  • Maintenance, Upgrades and Post-Sales Service is covered: Once the main setup and installation is complete, ECAV is there to give the Support, Service and Upgrades to end-clients to keep them happy and looked after. This allows the ICT Service Company to focus on other key areas of value and new Projects / Clients in their pipeline.
  • Trusted Based Long Term Focus: ECAV’s ethics and transparent style is perfect for long-term partnering type of relationships. ICT Companies can have full confidence that ECAV will do “The Right Thing” by them and their end-clients.

ECAV provides the Knowledge, Recommendations, Installation, Maintenance and Upgrades to make it all happen – on time and on budget. The integrity driven thinking is perfect for ICT Service Providers with a similar business culture and mindset.

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