ECAV’s Design & Build Approach

East Coast Audio Visual (ECAV) follows a formal Design & Build Process to ensure its approach:

  • Meets the end-users needs for Communication & Collaboration and is well defined so a specification & budget can be determined.
  • Are fully integrated and leveraged with ICT Systems & Processes.
  • Have architectural style & aesthetics married with the AV functional needs.
  • Enable a clearer, faster & less stressful Construction Process.
  • Undertakes proper integration and testing of AV with ICT, and done at the right time.
  • Institutes the appropriate level of on-going service.

ECAV puts in a great deal of effort upfront to capture the requirements and get the resulting design right.

We know what will work because we own the AV solution; any problems with our design or implementation are our problem. This approach results in contract variations of well under 5% which is the best in the AV Industry.

We completely avoid the unethical practice that many AV players use of “Under-Quote to win the Job, then hit the Client for money in variations”. There are many stories of AV variations of as much as 50%. This is the complete opposite of what ECAV stands for.

ECAV is honest, direct, trust based and our transparent approach provides a clearer win / win for both parties.

To prove that ECAV is an integrity driven supplier, you can:

  • Speak directly to our existing clients (Contact Us for references).
  • Test our prices against our competitors – we’ll help you ensure it’s an “Apples-to-Apples comparison of solutions and costs”.
  • For major clients we can go open book for an agreed mark-up on our costs.
  • Test ECAV with a Small Project – Many of our best clients today started there.

ECAV’s Approach in Detail:

AV Needs Definition – A consultative process with end-users and the ICT group to:

  • Identify the user’s preliminary AV needs for Communication & Collaboration
  • Provide structured insight into the possible AV solutions to ensure the wider AV opportunities are considered up front and that the AV solution will fit with ICT Plans & Business Objectives.
  • Identify the AV administrators’ preliminary needs for Managed AV Services

Result:  A holistic set of prioritised AV needs with good fit with ICT.

AV Value Assessment – Consideration of alternative solutions to achieve those needs and develop the associated budget estimate (including the potential for re-use of existing AV equipment).

Result:  Client appreciates value versus cost of different AV strategies.

AV Solution Specification – The preferred AV solution acts as input for architectural considerations to ensure the AV’s functional requirements are mapped to the physical space.  This may require changes to AV solution to meet the architectural style and aesthetics.  The agreed AV solution can then be split into:

  • AV Construction Spec – Identifying the requirements for incorporation into the building plans and Engineers’ specifications for electrical, network, MATV, joinery, construction, etc. These can then be undertaken by the relevant trades.
  • AV Technical Spec – For implementation Post-Practical Completion, i.e. at the same time as ICT is being implemented. This is the same approach as ICT splitting its works for network, telephony, server housing.

Result:  Functional AV needs integrated with architectural style – with all parties on the same page.
The client may also save part of the Builders Margin related to AV.

Construction Works – During this phase, AV’s role is reduced to running AV cables and possibly undertaking some mounting tasks, e.g. recessed screen boxes, in-ceiling speakers or projector mounts.  It is critical to ensure that other trades works will support the AV solution.

Result:  The Builder/Project Manager has less last-minute work and less variations.
ECAV owns any variations that have been missed due to the construction process.

AV Integration:  Following Practical Completion, the AV system is implemented in parallel with the ICT implementation.

Result:  Proper end-to-end testing of all technical systems.

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