These spaces are usually designed for a large audience to see and hear information delivered in the form of meetings, performances, speeches or similar presentations.

Finding the appropriate AV solution for a hall or auditorium can be a daunting task. ECAV’s professional staff can tailor a system to suit small, medium and large venues with just the right equipment for your requirements and control systems that make it easy to manage your installation.

Projection technology

This is extremely important to effectively get a message to your audience. Mounting a suitable projector takes into account factors such as ambient lighting, height and obstructions. It requires careful consideration so there can be a clear picture from all viewing angles.

Audio technology

Proper audio not only needs to match the visual aspects of the presentation but also helps set the theme and atmosphere. Amplification, cabling, induction loops and purpose-designed transducers are all critical

Whether it’s delivering effective audio to each part of the venue or a video display everyone can see, or even a hearing loop for those with a hearing impairment, ECAV has the perfect solution to meet your needs.

Experienced consultants determine the most appropriate solution. Specially trained and certified installation crews make sure the fit out conforms to industry standards and best practice. Project Managers oversee all aspects of the job and commission the installation when completed. After the project has been handed over, ECAV staff members are available for maintenance and support to ensure the smooth operation of your installation for years to come.

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