Audio Visual for Education

A range of AV technologies required to teach, present and protect our children

In 2006, NSW DET identified “Using Technology” as a core learning outcome. DET stated that:

“A significant proportion of human activity involves the use of technologies. As a result of science and technology education students will learn to use a wide variety of tools, hardware, materials, equipment and software appropriately and safely.”

Many teaching materials are now available electronically, and the Internet truly “world wide”. To deliver quality education in the 21 st century requires investment in technology and presenting and interacting with those materials requires an ever-more sophisticated suite of audio-visual equipment.

Added to this is the growing desire for multi-use of technologies. Some examples:

  • Rather than separate cabling for PA and bells systems, utilising the existing IP network as the conduit for digitally delivered announcements and tones.
  • Delivery of messages from the principal and front office via the projector in the classroom.
  • Remote monitoring of AV devices by the technology manager and automatically turning off projectors out of hours

East Coast Audio Visual is a full audio visual service provider that provides technical solutions for:


AV’s role is to support improved learning outcomes for students with a broad range of abilities, without compromising ergonomic and OH&S standards.Any AV solution must be flexible, robust, secure and affordable. A range of audio visual equipment may be needed to support any course material that may be presented, as well as a range of teaching styles. Lighting and sound must be suitable for prolonged concentration and sustained attentiveness.Our solutions range from a portable projector through to Interactive Whiteboard technologies and Content distribution.

COLA – Covered Outdoor Learning Areas

Taking the classroom outdoors…Adding to the issues of classroom-based audio visual, we also have to consider voice projection and sound quality, weather-proofing, security, and getting those cables to where you need them.

Auditoriums & School Halls

When the school comes together to present, to parade and to play…This requires consideration of sound reinforcement and audio mixing, hearing loops, projection and ambient light, and stage lighting. These technologies need to be able to work in variety of configurations from simple mode for a basic assembly through to sophisticated operations for a school musical. Fianlly, the equipment needs to be protected from a mis-thrown basketball.

Public Address & Bell Systems

Protecting students and staff. Through either traditional cabling or over IP networks.

Digital Signage and Content Distribution

At ECAV, we are seeing these three distinct functions merging together:

  1. Digital Signage – Informing students, parents and staff – from the basic “What’s on” through to full multimedia.
  2. Content distribution – TV and DVD-based educational content centrally stored and streamed
  3. Visual Public Address – Supporting the audio PA with location specific visual information.

This really requires a consultative, solution-focussed appproach to determining needs, budgets ad technologies as opposed to picking product winners.

Making it happen – Our Service Approach

Educational institutions wanting this level of technical sophistication require more than just a “hang and bang” approach. ECAV partners with our customers, helping them understand the various technologies and their benefits, and developing plans for their roll-out.

If you have already assessed the above issues and have set the AV budget for your organisation, then we’ll be able to easily document your needs.

If instead needs must be fully determined and there are multiple stakeholders involved, a consultative approach may be more appropriate. This lets you take a more holistic view of the needs, an appreciation of those potential areas of benefit, a formal assessment of needs and a mapping to budget. Refer to our AV Consulting section for details.

With the AV needs properly defined, we are able to determine the optimal “bang for buck” solution and give you a properly costed solution to fit within your budget.

An Installation that allows you to focus on teaching

There is a lot to consider for a successful installation – aesthetics, building integrity, electrical, occupational health and safety, overall cost and impact on normal operations. There can be a lot of pressure to cut corners – We don’t!

Once the proposal is accepted, a Project Manager is assigned to the installation. An internal “Scope of Work” document is prepared to ensure all technical and procedural aspects are covered before install work starts. This may require a visit from the project manager to undertake a Site Inspection. We work with your liaison person to schedule work either during or outside of work hours.

Training and after sales support

Depending on your needs, ECAV provides training ranging from basic hand-over of equipment through to specific training on key technologies such as interactive whiteboards.

Our workmanship is warranted for 6 months and the products we provide are all Australian-sourced giving you full manufacturer’s warranty.

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