Digital Signage

This is the most effective way to easily display information to large groups of people.

As it’s electronic, the content can be changed in an instant and can display static or dynamic images, scrolling text or graphics, and video. Interactivity is also a facet allowing the user to operate a touchscreen menu.

Digital signage can deliver a message in a compelling but non-intrusive manner which is generally considered to be the best way of advertising or delivering information.

The digital signage solutions that ECAV provide are used for many different purposes.

Technical approaches

Digital signage can range from a full video wall to small LCD screens displaying content.

A central server can command all screens on or off site. The same content could be distributed to all screens or different content sent to groups or single screens. A simple PC connected to the internet is all that is needed for this type of digital signage system.

With the advantages that digital signage can give businesses, especially through advertising, a system can pay for itself in a very short time.


Digital signage can display:

  • Static content such as images and text
  • Dynamic content such as scrolling text or graphics, or video
  • Touchscreen interactive menus
  • Ticker tape readout such as emergency scrolling text on the periphery of the viewing area, like the bottom of the screen
  • RSS feeds for things such as up-to-the-minute news or music videos
  • Live TV
  • A mix of content on the same display or different content on different displays

Digital signage works with all common file types so developing a program is very easy. Campaign development software is available to help create content. Depending on which software is employed, the user can organise a content schedule for a whole year or longer if necessary, or simply deliver a set routine on a minute-by-minute basis.

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