To realise the full potential of meetings and educational activities, effective communication between all parties is essential. Training and collaboration in schools or businesses rely on interaction to deliver the desired outcomes.

Old methods of relaying information to an individual or group can be slow and vastly ineffective compared to today’s technology. Because time is such a precious commodity ECAV provides interactive solutions for people who want to get the maximum benefit out of their time together, whether they’re in the same room or in different countries.

Interactive technology has many benefits and uses. One of its most important aspects is bringing people together to communicate, collaborate and comprehend.

Interactive Education

In the past, educational facilities in urban areas generally had greater access to technology than in rural areas. Today access to these technologies has been greatly advanced through the services and initiatives of governmental and non-governmental bodies and delivered by companies like East Coast Audio Visual. These technologies are helping to level the playing field in education across the board.

A wide range of educational resources is now available to schoolchildren in outback Australia, mainly due to broadband access and the internet. This far surpasses the previous generation’s ability to receive educational material, up-to-the-minute content and, most importantly, to interact.

Interactive Business

Today’s businesses are taking full advantage of interactive technology. It means employees may no longer have to make multiple trips interstate or overseas every year. They can deliver a brief or presentation by setting up a simple meeting in a room or office and inviting all required parties, no matter where they are in the world.

Interactive technology will not necessarily eliminate the need to travel; it simply enhances the potential to deliver whenever you want and wherever you are. This is only one aspect of the capabilities of interactive technology – the possibilities are manifold and the returns are excellent.

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