Effective Communication and Collaboration

Audio Visual drives effective Communication & Collaboration when two or more physically meet.

Work teams are often required to meet in person when there are detailed & important issues to discuss. This requires AV to be integrated into meeting rooms, classrooms, auditoriums and conference rooms.

Modern business practices emphasise teamwork – people communicating and collaborating with each other – by talking, listening, along with sharing and interacting with content. Where possible, teams are collocated to facilitate this (with “Activity Based Working” the latest formalised approach).

ICT already provides much of the technology for communication and collaboration; Devices, Applications and Infrastructure. However, those Devices – Laptops, Phones & Tablets – are engineered for single human use; the display is sized for one pair of eyes looking straight on, finger based control within easy reach, the webcam’s viewing angle is set to take in a single talking head, the microphone is set up for the individual at a well defined distance from their mouth.

However, the moment you have two people or more in a physical meeting spaces, things are radically different in that:

  • Content from different devices and applications needs to be displayed. These may have different form factors and different connectivity options.
  • The Content needs to be legible from the front or rear of the room (the physical Space), with different applications having tuned their font size for the one-to-one device.
  • Content may need to be created, uploaded or manipulated by one or more attendees.
  • Seating needs to be such that all have a clear view in that physical Space (especially with text and complex models).
  • When there are remote attendees, they need to:
    • Hear those close and far from the microphone – and be heard by all in the Space.
    • See the Content being discussed and preferably be able to interact with it.
    • Preferably be able to see those that are talking.

Considering those issues relating to Space and Content, along with the specialist AV Technology to deal with them, is the focus of audio visual designers and integrators. It is disappointing how often these considerations are not made up front and so teams don’t “Effectively Communicate and Collaborate” when it is most important to do so.

To determine and deliver the right AV solution requires a consultative approach for Design & Build that considers:

  • The particular requirements of end-users to ensure the right AV solution for their particular space & business objectives.
  • How to leverage the ICT systems and integrate with current technology already in place.
  • How to ensure AV is aligned with the architectural style and construction process – giving it functional as well as aesthetic appeal.

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