Leverage your ICT

AV is required to augment the organisation’s ICT systems for when two or more users physically meet.

ICT Departments already provide a great deal of technology for communication & collaboration covering:

  • Applications for content/document management, unified communications (or at least, telephony, email, conferencing technologies) and productivity software including project management, note taking, brainstorming etc.
  • Devices to drive these applications – laptops, phones and/or tablets – in a one-to-one relationship with the user.
  • Infrastructure such as technology and processes, such as LAN & WAN, security and access control, software management, help desk etc.

The challenge facing many of our ICT Department clients are taking these one-to-one communication & collaboration technologies and making it effective in physical meeting spaces. It requires a different skill set and means of thinking. We have found over the many years that:

  • ICT Staff often don’t understand AV: Necessarily, ICT staff’s primary focus is on their “Device, Application, Infrastructure” view of technology with massive demands on them already – leaving little room to focus & appreciate the differences and subtleties of AV’s focus on Space, Content and its own range of specialized technologies.
  • End-Users incorrectly assume ICT Staff “own” &understand AV: Users think “It’s all technology!” and so by implication assumes that ICT appreciates the communication and collaboration needs in the physical meeting space. It’s critical that these needs are incorporated into the ICT strategy and budget.
  • ICT Vendors don’t talk about AV at all! ICT Vendors of Communication and Collaboration infrastructure are focussed on those same “Device, Application, Infrastructure” view, e.g. trying to sell 500 laptops rather than 10 meeting rooms. Understandably, AV issues aren’t part of the up-front sales process. If unfortunately, this gets missed up front, there may be no budget left for AV, becoming an “after-thought” not getting the attention it needs.
  • The Construction Process treats AV as an after-thought: Many times, the AV Design is subsumed in the traditional construction process without even the chance of being integrated with the ICT strategy, creating an unfair situation for ICT Departments afterwards to do their best to work with what they have.

ECAV works hard at ensuring users and ICT departments don’t fall into these traps through our Design & Build Approach. This ensures AV systems that meet the organisation’s needs, integrate with ICT systems, are delivered within budget and have on-going support.

This includes the specialist expertise for our ICT Clients so they have the AV answers when they are asked challenging questions internally.

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