Mitigation measures to protect our employees

At our facilities;

  • We have communicated to all employees rules of conduct to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.
  • We are regularly communicating COVID-19 updates to our employees, including Government self-isolation guidance and what they should do if they feel unwell.
  • Additional hand sanitation has been implemented with the provision of alcohol based hand sanitiser.
  • We have provided employees with antibacterial wipes and instructions on additionally wiping down their desktop surface, keyboard / laptop and phone(s).
  • Social distancing measures as per current Government requirements have been enforced. This may change and we continue to refer to the prevailing Government guidelines.
  • We have enforced additional social distancing measures with our Service Technicians.
  • A policy of restricted access at our facilities for visitors and contractors has been implemented.

In the field;

  • Our Service Technicians are now carrying antibacterial hand sanitiser with them and using this before entering and after exiting customer sites.
  • Our Service Technicians are able to wear disposable plastic gloves when they carry out service work if this is required and requested.
  • Our Service Technicians are now carrying face masks with them and will wear this if required and requested for a site visit.
  • Our Service Technicians are practicing social distancing and will follow any further measures you have put in place at your site. They will not shake hands with anyone.
  • If a Service Technician feels unwell before a scheduled site visit, they will inform us and we will either arrange for a different Service Technician to attend, or rearrange your visit with you.

We wish our network of customers and suppliers keep safe and well in this unprecedented time.