Freedom from AV Headaches...

...once and for all!

Are you looking for a remedy to frustrating and embarrassing NON performance of your Audio Visual systems?

We could list off a bunch of failure points in your AV because we’ve seen them all in our 20+ years in business.  But more importantly, we know how to deal with them.

Through our Real world, Real Time Support approach, we can work with you to:

  1. Fix the straightforward problems
  2. Establish a regime for reducing likelihood of further failure
  3. Establish mechanisms for reducing down-time
  4. Identify and prioritise short-comings that require more significant investment
  5. Identify likely new disconnects with your evolving work practices and ICT roll-outs

ECAV appreciates that your organisation may not have the bandwidth to deal with all of this in one go, so our approach is very modular.  We seek to be a trusted partner, moving you from…

planning then later on is an online meeting

So give ECAV a call or email us.