From Concept to Reality

Our end-to-end method means we deliver AV systems to meet your agreed needs with a fixed budget.

Defining the right AV systems requires an understanding of the culture and workflows of your business, how your staff interact and are managed.  In other words, how you Collaborate and Communicate.

Effective AV design requires an understanding of the devil in the detail; how the technology really works AND its limitations.  Most importantly, this requires detailed consideration of the integration with your ICT systems and their evolution.

Such analysis is too rarely achieved when AV is a minor design consideration in the construction and fit-out of premises and treated as a “lowest cost” tender item.  With the need for business to be nimble and the constant march of technology, AV can no longer be considered only every five years with band-aids in between.

concept to reality isometric

ECAV’s end-to-end approach puts much more analytical and design effort at the start of each engagement. We forge long-term trusted relationships with our clients so that together we develop a detailed path for AV – the Concept – that will meet your needs today and into the future.

And because we implement and support the AV systems we’ve designed – the Reality – we have ownership of the work-ability of the solution and budget.

So when we work with you from Concept to Reality, ECAV will commit 100% to delivering AV systems that achieve the jointly defined needs with a fixed budget.

Lastly, AV, like other technology, needs care and feeding to keep it working optimally.  Because ECAV designs and builds, and happy customers will keep using us, we provide Real world, Real time Support.

concept to reality isometric

We achieve great results through our eleVAate AV methodology, design experience and years of knowledge of what works for users and technically.  To make it happen though, we need your solid business and ICT input – only together will the solution truly fit your organisation’s needs.

So if you appreciate that AV is required to truly achieve effective communication and collaboration across your meeting spaces, please contact us