Integration with ICT

The message is clear - AV is now a discipline of ICT.

Rather than being stand-alone systems, today’s AV needs to be fully integrated with your ICT environment.

ICT provides:

  1. The core systems for communication and collaboration, for use at the desk and when mobile.
  2. Access to those systems is via BYOD – Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones.
  3. Network and Wi-Fi for secure access of the organisation’s content, system control and monitoring, all piggybacked off ICT’s systems, security and policies.
  4. The technical support services for when things aren’t working as expected
ecav integration chart

AV’s specialisation is in making the Meeting Space work, with multiple people needing to see, hear and interact in the same place at the same time.  In comparison, ICT’s interface is a single person per device.  But at the same time, the meeting room attendees are (or should be) expecting those (1) to (4) ICT services to operate just as they do with their BYOD.


We need to put the AV / ICT puzzle back together.  That’s what  Integration with ICT is all about.

ECAV works closely with you to ensure your ICT strategy, plans and roll-outs will work in the meeting space.

Among the items to be considered are the fit with ICT’s systems, policies for security, access, application software, routing and bandwidth requirements.

Too often such analysis doesn’t occur as part of the design and fit-out of new premises; it ends up being the key reason for AV’s cost and time over-runs.  ECAV’s Smart Construction approach ensures this doesn’t happen for our projects by properly defining AV’s requirements for the construction process.

And when implemented, to end-users it’s all technology, so again, the AV needs to be well integrated with ICT’s workflows for training, help desk, and support.  Our Real world, Real time Support services do just that!

So if you appreciate that AV needs to be integrated with your ICT environment, please contact us