NSW Police: AV Maintenance

Utilising ECAV’s... Meeting Spaces, Real World Support,
and Smart Construction

Client Needs & Challenges

NSW Police and ECAV have had an ongoing relationship since 2010. Over this period of time we have provided maintenance for the Police HQ in Parramatta, Sydney. The Parramatta HQ has over 20 Audio Visual spaces consisting of conference rooms, simulation training, video conferencing, media rooms and digital signage.

The maintenance contract for the NSW Police HQ is via the building management company Brookfields. Our relationship with them is so strong and trusted that we are able to liaise directly where required with the NSW Police directly.

We provide maintenance by finding faults in equipment and resolving them promptly. We also determine spaces that require upgrades and design a recommendation for the client.

ECAV Strategy

We have provided ongoing preventative and remedial maintenance program. Being informed of a problem, we then define the requirement if it is not functioning, design and then implement a solution to provide a fast remedy

At ECAV we focus on preventative maintenance as we believe prevention is better than a cure.

ECAV’s Solution

ECAV’s maintenance starts with diagnostics, often we are able to perform this by remote monitoring. Whether it be repair, replacement, or another option remote monitoring helps us diagnose in advance what is required. 


  • Since 2010 the NSW police has had functioning Audio Visual systems that fully meet their requirements for reliability and quality of information.
  • When new issues or requirements arise the systems and equipment are re-assessed and updated to fit the evolving needs of the Police Force.