Roche Diagnostics: Corporate Fit Out

Utilising ECAV’s... Meeting Spaces, Concept to Reality,
and Integration with ICT

Client Needs & Challenges

Roche Diagnostics is the world’s leading supplier of in vitro diagnostics (IVD’s). IVD tests – performed in the laboratory or at point of care on blood and other samples from patients – are a critical source of objective information about health and disease.

Roche contacted ECAV directly in the planning process for their Sydney office: 9 months before fit out implementation.

Roche had a strong interest in equipping their office environment to provide improved collaborative work opportunities.

ECAV Strategy

Through our consultations, we found that the vision the CEO had for the spaces wasn’t being precisely communicated by internal and external stakeholders in the fit out. With this understanding we were able to realign all key stakeholders and design a solution that truly met the CEO’s vision.

We also looked over the Architect’s design in order to establish whether their design and our solution were 100% aligned.

ECAV’s Solution

We installed systems into six dry lab meeting rooms, and a large modular meeting room with video conferencing capability that could be split and used as two smaller meeting rooms.

In addition, break out areas were installed and an array of digital signage throughout the office that had plug and play capabilities for presentations 


  • Systems precisely matched the vision the clients had for the fit-out due to the and efficiency provided by the Smart Construction Methodology.
  • Improved collaborative working in breakout areas throughout the office space, including even the break room courtesy of plug and play digital signage.
  • The AV systems were integrated successfully with the ICT system, improving the functionality ease of maintenance and monitoring.
  • Michael Sanchez, IT Infrastructure Manager at Roche Diagnostics’ feedback on this project:

    “I have had a look at the AV spaces this morning and they all look great.

    Thank you for all the work you, Camillo and the ECAV team have done for us setting up our new office. I’m very pleased with the end results. As usual you provided a solution that meets our requirements, works well and was good value for money.

    I wish all our suppliers had the same high standards of professionalism that ECAV does.”