SCG: New Noble Stand

Utilising ECAV’s... Big AV, Integration with ICT, and Real World Support

Client Needs & Challenges

The Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) is one of Sydney’s most iconic sports grounds. Home to sports events for Cricket and AFL.

The Noble stand is used to host events such as awards nights. The venue is also hired out to host events, as such the venue must be reliable.
The faulty systems the SCG had were causing a large amount of tier one support calls due to break-downs.

ECAV Strategy

Consulting with the customer, we learned that the SCG’s AV systems were continually breaking down just when they were needed. This was a frustrating and embarrassing situation for them. We started with quarterly preventative maintenance in addition to solving problems with broken or incorrectly specified equipment.

This involved reverse engineering the faulty system in order understand its function and pinpoint the faulty equipment. We then determined the best fix for the problem and as such repaired the equipment, replaced it, or solved the problem by other means.

ECAV’s Solution

ECAV traced and removed the defective elements of the existing system which included unusable control systems, failing video switches and poor power distribution, and cheap racks without locks allowing unauthorised tampering with equipment. We then proceeded to repair replace these elements with robust equipment with the correct function that met the customer’s expectations and requirements.

The new equipment was integrated with the remaining (reliable) components of the previous system as well and within the existing ICT infrastructure.


  • The SCG’s Noble stand is now a dependable event venue, with a highly functional and robust Audio Visual system.
  • The client is able to avoid the embarrassment and extreme inconvenience of an Audio Visual system that did not work!
  • Tier one support calls were Eliminated.