SCG: Victor Trumper Stand

Utilising ECAV’s... Big AV, Concept to Reality, and Smart Construction

Client Needs & Challenges

The Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) is one of Sydney’s most iconic sports grounds. Home to sports events for Cricket and AFL.

The Victor Trumper stand is used to host events such as award nights, and dinners. The Venue is also hired out for similar events.

The project management group needed an AV partner who could work closely with multiple contractors such as electricians, and builders, and work efficiently within the construction process meeting deadlines. 


ECAV used the Audit process to properly define the expectations placed on the systems. They needed to be robust, potent, and utilise the modular design of the spaces.

With each of the refit companies having their own timelines and budget, it was important to anticipate the AV requirements at every stage of the project to stick to the timeline and not slow down any of the other trades down who were completing the refit.

ECAV consulted with the project managers to ensure the design and construction accommodated the new AV requirements. Ensuring a precise foundation for the specific AV systems to be installed, the smarter way to approach AV within the surrounding construction. 

ECAV’s Solution

The AV system included strategically placed monitors, a sound system that provided clear and consistent sound throughout the various areas, central controls for live events, and a variety of microphones for presentations.

During the project ECAV’s monitored the construction situations and anticipated the needs of contractors at every stage. For example, making sure that tiles that housed speakers were cut before installation, and wiring was done before panels were completed. We were able to bring efficiency to an often chaotic context.


  • Our experience and our Smart Construction Methodology created smooth transitions between building stages, ensuring tight deadlines were met.
  • The system caters to multiple users, and uses.
  • Successfully designed system for modular spaces.
  • The space and the system can be efficiently leveraged depending of the size of functions. Multiple small functions can be run at the same time while the flexible infrastructure suites large functions just as effectively.
  • The AV system was integrated successfully with the ICT system, improving the functionality ease of maintenance and monitoring.