Real World, Real Time Support

Your real world NEEDS real time support.

The impact of failing AV on effective communication and collaboration in the meeting space is expensive; postponed or relocated meetings, inability to view the prepared content, external attendees unable to see or hear.

Most of us wouldn’t buy a car and not service it, or set up ICT infrastructure without maintenance arrangements.  Because AV is too often sourced through the construction process, or because the default support arrangement is ““the AV’s not working again and the tech may show up next week”, AV support is often dismal.

ECAV is committed to changing the AV Support paradigm with a combination of Prevention and Cure services for the real world to increase AV uptime and fix time.

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Remote monitoring – Scheduled off-site activities to assess the health of your major AV components – to detect likely problems and prevent their occurrence

Preventative maintenance – Servicing and proactive assessment to identify and manage faults before they result in system breakdown.  This includes firmware updates & associated system testing.

Spares and redundancy – To reduce the time to get the AV system back online, we identify those critical components & consumables.

Remote support – We use those same Communication and Collaboration tools – unified communication, smart phone and remote access – to work with your on-site staff to diagnose AV problems in real-time and determine the appropriate fix or interim work-around.

On-site support – If the fault is unresolvable remotely, arrange to roll the truck or other activities required to get the AV system back to full functionality.

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Case Study – For Newington College, introducing our service reduced AV calls to ICT Help Desk by 50% within 3 months, and continue to decline.  AV service costs have reduced by 80%.  The positive impact for teachers and students of the reduced AV down-time is obvious.

Each organisation has different expectations and needs, so ECAV works closely with the ICT group to develop a tuned Service Level Agreement including:

  • A tailored suite of services and appropriate KPIs
  • Integration with ICT help desk and escalation processes
  • Remote access considerations including network and security policies.

So if you have felt the pain of a traditional AV installation, please contact us