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Make the meeting room work – effectively collaborate and communicate.

Ambitious organisations are aiming for major leaps in team collaboration, creativity and efficiency.  Concepts include Activity Based Working, single tasking, remote working, etc.

This has spawned NEW tech tools for “communication and collaboration” (C&C) using “Bring Your Own Device”, Unified Communications, the Cloud and so on.  These tools are tremendous for interaction with content & between individuals, with each person operating their own device. 

However too often the meeting room without the right technology tools can eradicate the prospect of even basic collaboration between employees….

  • content can be displayed but unable to be interacted with,
  • legacy VC technologies versus desktop conferencing tools do not integrate
  • whiteboards (or nothing) instead of collaboration tools limit productivity even when all are present.
evac board panel meeting

It is hardly surprising that Infrequent use of these different and unintegrated interfaces in the pressure of meetings results in major dissatisfaction with AV.

evac board panel meeting

But there are ways of using your Communication & Collaboration tools effectively in the meeting room.  You just need an expert from ECAV.

Using our Concept to Reality approach, we analyse the way you expect to use your rooms and their physical attributes, and we similarly assess how to integrate with your ICT systems to determine the optimal approach to leverage them in the meeting room.

The results we can achieve:

  • Operate your C&C tools in the meeting room in the same way as at your desk
  • Have a single focal point for the meeting – the content or speaker – able to be seen by all attendees, both local and remote
  • Be able to clearly hear local and remote attendees
  • Capture the meeting content for later replay for those unable to attend
  • The ICT Help Desk can better support the end-user.

So if you’re starting planning for a fit-out or you’re experiencing meeting room frustration, please contact us