Case Study

Empowering Educational Excellence: A Newington College AV Solution Success Story with ECAV

Introducing Newington College

Newington College is a respected all-boys K-12 institution focused on comprehensive education. Identifying a need for a versatile space for drama, lectures, and presentations, they engaged ECAV to assist with their technical requirements, aiming for user-friendly operation and professional performance capabilities.

Client Needs & Challenges

Newington College aimed to create a multifunctional drama space suitable for both lectures and theatrical events. They needed an efficient, robust audio-visual system that:

The ECAV Solution

Working closely with Newington’s Audio Visual Manager, IT, and Drama departments, ECAV employed the ‘Concept to Reality’ method. This collaborative approach with the architects and electrical engineers resulted in an AV solution that fit well with the building’s design. Using ECAV’s ‘Smart Construction’ expertise, all AV requirements were considered in every phase, minimising potential operational challenges.

"We were extremely impressed with ECAV’s consultative approach, which resulted in a drama space that extends far beyond our initial conception. The professional-grade technology is remarkably user-friendly, empowering our staff and facilitating exceptional performances."

Technology Deployed

The Results/Outcomes

With ECAV’s guidance, Newington College has a functional drama space with a modern AV system. This collaboration has:

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