Innovative AV Solutions for Fit-Out Excellence

As the modern workplace continues to evolve, commercial office fit-out companies are seeking innovative ways to create flexible, functional, and aesthetically pleasing spaces that cater to hybrid work environments. One crucial aspect of these spaces is the integration of high-quality audio visual solutions. Partnering with ECAV, a premium provider of professional audio visual solutions and services, allows fit-out companies to seamlessly incorporate cutting-edge AV technology into their designs, enhancing collaboration and communication for end clients, while maintaining the integrity of their designs and client relationships.

ECAV understands the diverse needs of stakeholders, delivering tailored AV solutions for fit-out excellence.

Stakeholders within your
Fit-out Business


The Designer wants to create stunning spaces with our integrated AV solutions where technology seamlessly blends with aesthetics.

Business Development Manager

Using our tailored AV solutions, the Business Development Manager brings forward innovation and value to make their pitches even more compelling.

Pre-Construction Manager

With our expertise in AV integration and comprehensive support, the Pre-Construction Manager ensures every fit-out project is a success.

Stakeholders in your
client's business

Human Resources

ECAV's AV solutions allow Human Resources to foster collaboration and productivity in the hybrid workplace.

ICT Group

The ICT Group can achieve enhanced connectivity and future-proof technology with ECAV's seamless AV and ICT integration.


Transform spaces and experiences with ECAV's comprehensive AV solutions that align with the CEO’s vision.

Fitout Industry Pain Points

How ECAV can help solve these pain points

Unbiased Advice and Optimal Solutions

Provide unbiased advice, prioritising optimal AV solutions for the end client.

User-Friendly AV Systems

Implement user-friendly AV systems with intuitive interfaces and clear instructions.

Preventing Tampering

Prevent tampering and confusion by securing AV systems and providing user guidelines.

Enhanced Meeting Experiences

Foster collaboration and reduce stress with seamless AV technology for enhanced meeting experiences.

Compatibility and Seamless Integration

Ensure compatibility and seamless integration of AV components with the client's ICT environment.

Aesthetics and Design Alignment

Consider aesthetics and potential design implications while delivering AV solutions aligned with client's needs.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Deliver monitoring and maintenance services to keep AV systems updated and efficient.

Real-World Expertise and Cost Efficiency

Benefit from ECAV's real-world expertise and cost-efficient Design and Construct approach.


Our Services for the Fit-Out Industry

AV Advisory

Working intimately with customers to understand their vision, providing expert guidance, best practice insights, and cost-effective alternatives aligned with ICT practices.

AV System Design

Designing comprehensive blueprints to specifications, seamlessly integrating AV into spaces and ICT infrastructure and the operational environment, while considering budget constraints.

Construction Works

Execute cable runs and AV equipment installation, supervising subcontractors to ensure seamless integration into the building fabric, to set the foundation for a high-quality finish.

Commissioning & AV-ICT Integration

Expertly fit-off equipment, commission, and integrate AV with your ICT, delivering an operational system with rigorous testing, documentation, and tailored training.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Ensure AV system longevity and reliablility with system monitoring, preventive maintenance, software updates, and prompt remote/on-site support options.

AV Upgrades and Expansion

Align with evolving business needs and technological advancements, providing assistance for system upgrades and expansions, ensuring your AV stays cutting-edge.

Our roles in supporting the fit-out process

Transform your fit-out projects with ECAV's innovative AV solutions

Elevate your projects with our expertise and commitment to AV solutions tailored for fit-out excellence.