Case Study

Innovating Collaboration: The ECAV Journey at NSW Police’s Central Offices

Introducing NSW Police - 2DFA Centre for Innovation

In collaboration with NSW Police, ECAV introduces the Innovation Hub at the Olympic Park office. This project, developed in partnership with the Police, underscores ECAV’s commitment to tailored solutions. The Innovation Hub, equipped with advanced technology, aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of police meetings and events, showcasing ECAV’s ability to turn concepts into practical solutions.

Client Needs & Challenges

NSW Police needed to modernise their collaboration spaces for different meeting types and team interaction. Their requirements were:

The ECAV Solution

Working with NSW Police, ECAV developed the Innovation Hub into a technology-rich space. The installation of a 2×2 video wall, Microsoft Teams room, and wireless presentation facilities modernised the meeting experience. The hub, with added ceiling microphones, speakers, an audience camera, and a whiteboard camera, represents a blend of technology and design.

Technology Deployed

The Results/Outcomes

The Innovation Hub has significantly uplifted NSW Police’s meeting dynamics.


The Innovation Hub reflects ECAV’s approach to integrating technology with client-specific needs. The project has updated NSW Police’s meeting and collaboration methods, focusing on practical and adaptable solutions in line with client requirements.

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