ICT Driving Your AV Strategy

AV needs to be fully integrated with ICT to effectively support the business.

Quick quiz…  Ask these questions regarding the technology tools at the desk, away from the office, and in meetings:

  1. Can you use any of your “bring your own devices” – laptop, tablet, smartphone – to present to a group with members either present or remote?
  2. Can you or others annotate the presentation during a meeting?
  3. Can you access data files on the network, work on them, and save changes from a shared presentation with security of your data maintained?
  4. Do you use the same technology and take the same steps to do (1) thru (3)?
  5. Is the experience acceptable, considering the relative importance of the event?
  6. If you have a problem and seek help, do you follow the same process and have the same result?

There’s a better than even chance that ICT has, or is in the process of, implementing appropriate solutions for the desk and away from the office.  That’s because…

ICT is responsible for delivering the tools for Collaboration & Communication for all staff.

Audio Visual is responsible for Collaboration and Communication in the meeting space.

The two disciplines should be one.

Why is it so?

ECAV has been in business for over 20 years, so we’ve seen these issues arise, and why they occur so often.  We’ve identified two key reasons for this:

  • AV decisions are often made as part of office construction and fit-out which has a very different focus, stakeholders, priorities, timeline, process, and funding to the provision of ICT services

ICT teams generally don’t have the deep understanding of how to consider AV through the lifecycle – strategy, requirements, technical architecture, design, implementation, training, support, evolution – and it’s overlap with ICT.

What to do?

ECAV has developed our EleVAte AV™ methodology is based on our belief that “Corporate AV should be Exceptional”.  We accept that this involves a journey from today’s realities, but to achieve that “Exceptional” goal, the organisation’s eyes must be elevated to see to the horizon.  We believe that the best way to achieve that is with a trusted and proven AV partner able to take you on that journey.

two groups in different places having a meeting thru video calling

So if you feel your organisation doesn’t have AV fully integrated into ICT, and/or you’re looking to upgrade you meeting rooms and you don’t think you’ve got the right team or partner to develop your Collaboration and Communication requirements and solutions for your meeting spaces, then give ECAV a call or email us.

If you feel your issues are more in the nature of “please help me make the AV basics work”, we’re happy to help also.  You may want to read xxxxx as well.

From the call, we will assess the customer and determine if:

  • A grade opportunity – send the C&C questionnaire and offer a free consulting session
  • Other – send the C&C questionnaire and offer charged consulting