Newington College: Drama Space

Utilising ECAV’s... Education Solutions, Smart Construction,
and Integration with ICT

Client Needs & Challenges

Newington College is a comprehensive boys K-12 day and boarding College, located in Stanmore and Lindfield. The school aims to provide boys with a modern liberal education.

Newington was looking to build a new large space for drama, lectures, and guest presentations. The school required the system to be easy to operate for teachers but also required a system suitable for professional productions to be able to get the best results from the space.


ECAV helped Newington by utilising all our methodology tools. With our Concept to Reality approach during the planning stage, we consulted with the Audio Visual Manager, the IT and Drama departments to determine the detailed AV requirements for the new Drama Hall to provide thorough inputs to the architectural design process.

Our interactive and iterative approach with the architect then ensured the AV solution integrated into the aesthetics and function of the building’s design, and similarly, with the electrical engineer, we ensured that AV integrated with the complex needs for power, network and AV cabling, both in terms of functionality and implementation effectiveness.

During the build phase, our Smart Construction expertise helped ensure the other trades incorporated and acknowledged AV’s requirements and implications in their work to avoid those “knock-on” headaches such as ensuring the carpet laying and seating did not impact on the copper ribbon hearing loop.

The results

ECAV has implemented a powerful AV system for performances, lectures and guest presentations. This includes a large motorised projection screen, a 10,000 lumen projector, and a sophisticated audio system including a large range hearing augmentation system. Control panels were installed both on the stage and in the bio-box.

Our consulting approach has helped define a space able to be used in more and flexible ways than originally envisaged.
The multiple control points combined with ‘easy’ and ‘advanced’ control menus allow for both everyday teacher use of the system, and professional quality, technically sophisticated operation.

A well-considered design and well managed implementation partnered with the builders has resulted in the AV project delivered to spec and at the quoted price.

Following the construction phase, the AV systems were integrated successfully with the ICT system, delivering improved functionality in terms of content access and management, system monitoring and ease of maintenance.