Case Study

Elevating the Worship Experience:
ECAV's Unique Solution for St. Alban's Church

Introducing St. Alban's Anglican Church

St. Alban’s Anglican Church in Lindfield NSW, stands as a testament to historical significance and architectural beauty. Before partnering with ECAV, the church sought an audio-visual upgrade, balancing their respect for tradition with the need for modern enhancements.

Client Needs & Challenges

St. Alban’s faced the challenge of revitalising their audio-visual system. They aimed to enrich the worship experience while honouring the church’s aesthetic and historical value:

The ECAV Solution

ECAV undertook a rigorous assessment, examining potential screen locations and optimising the final result for St. Albans Anglican Church. The solution designed integrated the church’s architectural elements seamlessly. In formulating an installation plan, ECAV prioritised the church’s heritage, avoiding permanent attachments to the building’s fabric. Every aspect, from electrical to lighting and control, was meticulously planned and executed, showcasing a balance between modern technology and the church’s historical significance.

Technology Deployed

The Results/Outcomes

The impeccable synergy between ECAV’s expertise and St. Alban’s Church’s vision culminated in a revitalised place of worship. This project illuminated the church’s commitment to its congregation and its heritage.


East Coast Audio Visual’s collaboration with St. Alban’s Anglican Church is a testament to blending modern technological advancements with historical reverence. Through meticulous planning, expertise, and a deep understanding of the church’s unique requirements, ECAV transformed the worship experience, elevating visual engagements without compromising the venue’s architectural sanctity. This successful fusion underscores ECAV’s commitment to offering solutions that resonate with functionality and respect for heritage.


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