Case Study

Taronga Zoo’s Leap Forward with ECAV: Interactive Keeper Talks

Introducing Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo, renowned for its dedication to wildlife conservation and education, faced a unique challenge with its new “Upper Australia” exhibit. Close to completion, they realised the need for an interactive Keeper Talks System to enrich visitor experience and education, leading them to partner with ECAV for a swift, innovative solution.

Client Needs & Challenges

Taronga Zoo’s urgent requirement for the “Upper Australia” exhibit included:

The ECAV Solution

ECAV rose to the challenge, collaborating with Taronga Zoo to conceptualise and implement the Keeper Talks System. We conducted needs qualification with zoo authorities to tailor the system to the exhibit’s unique environment. The design allowed zookeepers mobility and interaction with animals while presenting, and our rapid installation ensured the system was operational for the exhibit’s launch.

Technology Deployed

The Results/Outcomes


The Keeper Talks System at Taronga Zoo’s “Upper Australia” exhibit demonstrates ECAV’s commitment to creating innovative solutions. Our swift response and technical expertise enabled us to overcome a significant challenge, enhancing the educational and interactive aspects of the exhibit. This project underscores our dedication to supporting institutions like Taronga Zoo’s wildlife conservation and visitor engagement efforts.

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