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Corporates, Enterprise & Government bodies have critical requirements for Secure Activity-Based work environments and the need for effective collaboration with a group in a simple meeting room to the many connecting around the world.

Well planned and properly setup Audio Visual solutions can deliver this with significant time & cost savings by reducing the need for “Face to Face” meetings and unnecessary business travel.

Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Managers & Departments are under increasing pressure from their internal clients to deliver effective, visually impressive & easy to use collaborative solutions. This can be as simple as a meeting of five people in a room to that of connecting dozens of employees within the building, to those working from home and to those thousands of kilometres away.

Audio Visual is an area of its own speciality and to assist ICT Departments in providing the best solutions & advice to their own Internal Clients – East Coast Audio Visual (ECAV) delivers the full end-to-end solution covering:

  • Knowledge: Decades of AV experience from early day projectors to modern day touch screens.
  • Understanding: Spending the time to explore client’s requirements and problems.
  • Recommending: Prescribing the best solution to enable the business outcomes.
  • Installation: Done as per specifications and clients requirements – on time & on budget.
  • Maintenance & Upgrades: Troubleshooting, Training, Support and Upgrades – all covered.

Given Computers, Phones, IT Infrastructure and even Operating Systems all impact the AV Ecosystem – everything is taken into consideration by ECAV to balance requirements, cost and to prescribe solutions perfect for the needs of any client.

Our experience tells us that success in this area is often a careful integration of the Devices (Actual Technology / equipment), having the right Applications & Software combined with leveraging existing Infrastructure, Networks and Systems in place.

Generally speaking, best practice is to get the AV installed during the Building Construction & Office Fit-out phase. Of course this always isn’t possible in the real world and ECAV’s Technical Team are well equipped to deal with complex & difficult problems.

All of our solutions are delivered based in a trust based consultative manner giving full transparency on costs, deliverables and post sales service & maintenance.

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