Case Study

ECAV’s AV Solution Transforms Invocare’s Corporate Communication

Introducing Invocare

Invocare, a leader in funeral services, faced challenges in their corporate office communication. They sought ECAV’s expertise to revamp their audiovisual capabilities in various spaces, including meeting rooms and boardrooms. The goal was to boost collaboration and streamline interactions, mainly through MS Teams and other conferencing platforms.

Client Needs & Challenges

Invocare’s primary goal was to revolutionise their office spaces with advanced audiovisual technology to foster better communication and collaboration. They faced the challenge of updating their existing infrastructure to support efficient and effective virtual meetings, with a particular focus on MS Teams and other popular conferencing platforms. Integrating user-friendly systems across various spaces, from meeting rooms to boardrooms, was crucial to improving internal and external team interactions.

The ECAV Solution

ECAV delivered a customised AV fit-out for Invocare, installing high-definition video conferencing systems in meeting rooms compatible with MS Teams. Boardrooms received advanced audio systems and large interactive displays. ECAV equipped individual offices with user-friendly AV setups and transformed the town hall space using professional-grade audio and large video walls. This holistic approach resulted in a seamless and immersive communication experience.

Technology Deployed

The Results/Outcomes

Invocare experienced numerous benefits:


The Invocare project exemplifies ECAV’s dedication to providing innovative AV solutions. By meticulously understanding and addressing Invocare’s specific needs, ECAV transformed their office environment into a modern, collaborative hub, significantly boosting communication and productivity.

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