Case Study

ECAV & Thomson Geer: Transforming Meeting Experiences with Advanced AV Solutions

Introducing Thomson Geer

Thomson Geer, one of Australia’s leading independent corporate law firms, plays a vital role in the legal landscape, offering trusted counsel to businesses, governments, and institutions. Before partnering with ECAV, Thomson Geer’s Sydney office needed an upgrade in its audio-visual capabilities to bolster communication, collaboration, and presentations in various meeting spaces.

Client Needs & Challenges

Thomson Geer’s diverse meeting spaces in Sydney, each with its requirements, posed a distinct challenge. The primary objective was to:

The ECAV Solution

ECAV meticulously approached Thomson Geer’s needs. For the 14P and 12P person rooms, a 75″ Panasonic display connected to a local PC was the chosen solution. The 18-person room benefited from a Panasonic 86″ display, adding a room joining feature. The smaller 6-person rooms mirrored the 14P rooms’ functionality but utilised 55″ displays. ECAV’s magnum opus was evident in the 20-person rooms: three spaces with 6000-lumen Panasonic projectors and room joining functionalities. Using Room 1 as the master controller, ECAV crafted a system that allowed various room configurations and achieved an impressive 110″ display when joining rooms.


Technology Deployed

The Results/Outcomes

ECAV’s tailored solutions transformed Thomson Geer’s meeting experiences, enhancing their communication and collaboration capabilities. Some key outcomes were:


ECAV revitalised Thomson Geer’s Sydney office with cutting-edge AV solutions, enhancing communication and collaboration. Our tailored systems ensure smooth meetings, promoting productivity. This project underscores ECAV’s dedication to innovative solutions, proudly aiding Thomson Geer’s business excellence.

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