Case Study

Projection Perfection: ECAV’s Comprehensive AV Solution for ABC

Introducing ABC

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Australia’s national broadcaster and a leader in diverse television, radio, and online content, sought to elevate its presentation space to better cater to its extensive range of media engagements. ABC aimed for a transformative space featuring state-of-the-art projection and audio systems, seamless device integration, and optimum presenter visibility and interaction.

Client Needs & Challenges

ABC had specific audiovisual aspirations for their space, desiring a seamless and powerful experience. Their primary challenges included:

The ECAV Solution

ECAV designed a strategic approach to meet ABC’s needs precisely. They recommended a Screen Technics 180″ Screen Lowering Device paired with an Epson laser projector, tailored for high ambient light. ECAV mounted a Samsung 65-inch display as the presenter’s foldback monitor. They integrated a Crestron presentation system for video management and control. ECAV tackled audio challenges using a mix of Xilica digital signal processors, QSC amplifiers and speakers, and a Shure microphone. ECAV efficiently contained the setup within a Serveredge server cabinet housing the AV equipment behind the presentation area, ensuring ease of operation and optimal space utilisation.

ABC Ultimo Centre-44
ABC Ultimo Centre

Technology Deployed

The Results/Outcomes

ECAV’s sophisticated solution significantly transformed ABC’s presentation area.


ECAV’s meticulous and strategic approach seamlessly transformed ABC’s presentation environment. Leveraging advanced technologies and in-depth expertise, ECAV crafted a space where ABC can confidently and flair host dynamic presentations and events. The project is a testament to ECAV’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

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