SCG: Victor Trumper Stand

The AV system included strategically placed monitors, a sound system that provided clear and consistent sound throughout the various areas, central controls for live events, and a variety of microphones for presentations.

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Newington College: Drama Space

ECAV helped Newington by utilising all our methodology tools. With our Concept to Reality approach during the planning stage, we consulted with the Audio Visual Manager, the IT and Drama departments to determine the detailed AV requirements for the new Drama Hall to provide thorough inputs to the architectural design process.

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SCG: New Noble Stand

Consulting with the customer, we learned that the SCG’s AV systems were continually breaking down just when they were needed. This was a frustrating and embarrassing situation for them. We started with quarterly preventative maintenance in addition to solving problems with broken or incorrectly specified equipment.

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Roche Diagnostics: Corporate Fit-Out

Through our consultations, we found that the vision the CEO had for the spaces wasn’t being precisely communicated by internal and external stakeholders in the fit out. With this understanding we were able to realign all key stakeholders and design a solution that truly met the CEO’s vision.

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Crown Group

The solution had to compliment the modulated office: the entire office could be joined or configured into separate spaces. In addition, the customer needed the operation of their high powered versatile system to be easy and technically simple to use for staff. The client’s vision for their office develop during the fit-out project. We were able to deliver a solution to accommodate the all requirements

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NSW Police: AV Maintenance

We have provided ongoing preventative and remedial maintenance program. Being informed of a problem, we then define the requirement if it is not functioning, design and then implement a solution to provide a fast remedy
At ECAV we focus on preventative maintenance as we believe prevention is better than a cure.

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Aegis Media: Corporate Fit-Out

Smart construction methodology allows ECAV to communicate about the issues that will impact the design and use to understand their precise requirements.
Simplicity was a key requirement of the system. They wanted systems that after the fitout, they would be about to walk in and start using.

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