Smart Construction

Right AV solution, No variations, Proper quality assurance, Saving money… Just by being Smart.

AV in construction projects needs to be properly designed and managed.  If you’ve read the other sections, you’ll have got the message that we’re not fans of the traditional construction process…

An effective AV solution requires the consideration of the AV workflow (use cases) and AV’s integration with ICT systems.  From the construction perspective, there needs to be consideration of viewability (image size, lighting impact, sight lines) and audio integrity (sound quality, acoustic treatment, sound spill) along with the AV technical needs which will impact other trades including electrical, networking, partitioning, ceilings, joinery, air-conditioning.

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The architects and designers’ priorities and focus is (rightly) elsewhere, and so the resulting AV design is under-considered or even non-existent.

Those designs are translated to tender specs targeting low bids.  Successful tenderers too often make up for the tight margins by chasing contract variations.  Because the client has signed off on the specs, they have to accept the variations and/or end up with sub-optimal outcomes which are problematic to maintain.

Our Smart Construction approach is to manage the AV roll-out in the same way as ICT does! ICT only asks the architect and engineer to ensure the construction-related components – network cabling, power and aircon for server rooms, etc. – are done as part of the construction process.  

ICT would never think to ask the builder to buy and commission firewalls, switches and servers, or install the desktop pcs and printers.  Nor would ICT expect to install such equipment with a building in this state

under construction structure

Using our Concept to Reality methodology, we determine the joint AV/ICT needs and solution, and split this into construction-related requirements and post-construction activities.

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The Architect and then Engineers incorporate the relevant needs and feed them into the construction process, at the right time, in the right way.  ECAV, on behalf of the client, QA’s the resulting design, tender response and actual works to ensure those requirements are met.

Just like ICT that QAs that the network has been properly installed.

After practical completion of the premises fit-out, the AV system is delivered to site, commissioned and acceptance tested with the integrated ICT systems (that similarly are commissioned post-practical completion).

There are some additional benefits:

  • The construction-side AV works can be undertaken more cost-effectively, e.g. AV cables run by the electrician whilst they’re running their own cables.
  • In traditional construction, AV is the last trade in; we need the meeting space clean, secure, painted, carpeted, and with furniture in place. This is a tough ask in the rush to practical completion.
  • There is the opportunity to save 10% and more on AV costs due to reduced Construction PM fees – more than enough to cover the construction QA activities for AV (and ICT!).

But most importantly, our approach allows ECAV to commit 100% to delivering AV systems that achieve the jointly defined needs with a fixed budget, and happily commit to on-going support.

So if you have felt the pain of a traditional AV installation, please contact us